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Property TV

If your business has recently experienced the need to either rebrand, position itself as a market leader in the industry or perhaps sensitively handle one of the business crisis businesses can suffer from time to time, we’re here to help.


Utilising our media strengths, we can guide your business to hold a solid and attractive market position.


Did you think a PR package was too far out of budget?


Did you think that exposure on National TV reaching a potential 20 viewers per month was out reach?


Did you think that re-branding, crisis control or positioning as a market leader would be too expensive?


Here at Property TV, we offer a complete and integrated PR service for our property industry clients.


This can include appearances on National TV, Social Media content production and posting, podcast production, company rebranding, and personal or corporate media presence enhancement.


Let's make your business shine


Property TV broadcasts at peak vowing time on Sky channel 186. Program content includes Property Question Time, a panel-based questions and answers show, Property Matters, a subject focussed half hour program featuring experts from different industry sectors, Property Graduate, a program encouraging new property entrepreneurs, and many more. 


Property TV will find your most appropriate window promoting your particular skills and strengths.


To find out more about how our PR services can benefit you, fill in the form below or alternatively email or call: 020 3874 4600

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