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PR with Property TV

Demonstrating that you or your business are thought leaders with market authority is becoming increasingly important​ in the current business environment. It is also becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd in a world full of social media and general internet noise.

​There are however, still a limited number of ways which by which you can stand head and shoulders above your competition, by utilising a combiunation of the following mediums:

  • Television appearances

  • Magazine features

  • Newspaper articles (on and offline)

  • Premium quality social media video content

  • Podcast interviews

  • 3rd party social media and website endorsement

Property TV’s PR service gives you access to exclusive opportunities that take full advantage of these mediums.

"The impact on my own positioning with my Elite Investor Club business was immediate and substantial."

Graham Rowan talking about his TV appearance.

These unique PR services are available to a limited number of new clients by application only, with packages starting from just £550 + VAT per month.

Don’t miss tis exclusive opportunioty to stand out from the crowd, simply fill out the contact form below as a start to securing PR at new and exciting level:

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