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The recoding and distribution of podcasts has seen explosive growth over the last 5 years and it’s not hard to see why.

Podcasts for brand building and brand awareness:


Podcasts are fantastic for brand building and brand awareness, Ttey prove a powerful platform to showcase your expertise to your target audience whilst at the same time create an environment to show personality and a human element to your outreach. This means that it’s more likely that someone will remember you and your brand.


In the media industry we refer to podcasts as ‘long-form’ content as apposed to short form content which would included things such as TV adverts and short social media videos. Podcasts are typically longer than 15 minutes long and can be as long as an hour, this provides a hugely valuable opportunity for re-purposing of small pieces of content. For example 30 minutes of recording for a 30 minute podcast could also provide 30 x 1 minute clips, this is rocket fuel for other social media platforms.


Podcasts for SEO


One of the reasons brands love podcasts is for the massive SEO benefits. In 2024 podcasts are nearly always filmed video podcasts, meaning that they are not only uploaded to podcast hosting platforms such as Apple and Spotify, but they are also uploaded to YouTube, the worlds second largest search engine. This provides huge SEO benefits including on Google which happens to own YouTube.


Additionally, by hosting each podcast on your website you can have a transcript of each episode on the page. This will provide the opportunity to optimise the pages towards specific keywords and rank highly for the topic discussed.


Podcasts for Building profile


Podcasts are a great way to help with raising profile in your industry by demonstrating your industry knowledge. Furthermore it is a great opportunity to engage and build relationships with other members of the industry and influencers you would like to have as guests.


Our podcast studio


Property TV have our own podcast studio in Canary Wharf, London. We provide a fully turn-key solution for your podcast with all the necessary, equipment and crew on the recording day. Once the podcast is recorded our editors will deliver you the finished product within a matter of days.


All you need to do is arrive with an idea for your content and any guests you want to bring on and Property TV will do the rest. Providing you will the fully edited podcast ready for upload onto your platforms. Costs start from as little as £375 + VAT per podcast 


To find out more about launching your podcast fill in the form below or alternatively email or call: 020 3874 4600

Podcast Studio

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