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Why is featuring on TV so powerful?


Anyone can feature on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube, that is nothing special. However not everyone can be featured on Television. TV is held to the highest standards and viewers know this. There are stringent regulations when it comes to broadcasting and everything is pre-vetted by a human before it reaches the screen at a significant cost to the broadcaster.


TV’s high standards are the reason why is regularly cited as the most trusted form of media and this trust rubs off on anyone featured on it. Being seen on TV gives brands a stamp of quality and credibility that social media will not. It positions those featuring on TV as industry leaders and sources of credible information. TV denotes quality and assurance like nothing else.


The power of TV does not stop here however and it has proven to increase the effectiveness of other medias such a online. Your TV presence can be used as rocket fuel for your social media presences and use of TV logos on your website and other marketing materials help demonstrate your market leading position.




Property TV can make it possible for you to feature on TV by way of featuring on panel shows, chat shows or even helping you develop your own TV programmes concepts, taking an idea all the way from concept to TV screens.


To find out more or start a conversion about appearing on TV please fill in the form below or alternatively email or call: 020 3874 4600

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