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Download your free copy of the USA Buying Guide

The larger than life appeal of the USA endures for British property buyers, particularly in popular holiday home areas, such as Florida. Florida's tropical climate and stunning beaches, combined with the family friendly fun of the theme parks, ensure that British holidaymakers and investors keep returning to the Sunshine State.


There are specific rules when it comes to owning property in the USA, so researching the buying process in the US as much as possible is important. Some of the questions you will need answers to may be:

  • How does the property buying process work in America?

  • Where do I find properties that I can buy in the USA?

  • Where can I find a reliable real estate agent (realtor) in America?

  • How does the legal process of buying an American property work?

  • Are there specific financial matters relating to buying a US property?

  • What are my tax liabilities when buying in America?

  • How do I make payments between the US and the UK, or other countries?

  • How do I move to the US permanently?

  • What is involved in maintaining a holiday home in America?

  • How will I earn a living once I have emigrated?

Buying property in the US is quite different to buying in the UK, so you need the best possible guidance. Download your USA Buying Guide today to answer these important questions, helping you buy your US home safely and securely.

"After reading the guide, which was very useful, I called the Resource Centre for reassurance about certain points to do with buying in Florida. I found the team extremely helpful."


Anne Binks

USA Property Guide reader who bought a property in Florida

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