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Just as TV turns people into stars, TV turns brands into household names. TV is regarded as the prime from of advertising above that of social media, magazines and radio, it’s a form of advertising that is usually reserved for bluechip companies and household names.


TV advertising does two main things:


  1. It showcases your product or brand to huge audiences of potential clients & customers

  2. It creates added trust to your product or service and positions you as a market leader


Property TV broadcasts on Sky 186 which records viewership of up-to 20 million impacts per month. Companies that advertise with us have ranged from small SME estate agents to large multi-naitonal companies such as British Gas and Google.


Advertising and sponsorship on Property TV opens up your product or service up to thousands of new potential customers who may not already be aware and it does so in an authoritative way. TV denotes quality and assurance like no other media.


Its scale and reach means that brands on TV are making a very public promise, which, as Rory Sutherland has pointed out, is powerful: “Public promises carry more weight,” he says, “hence why the words ‘as seen on TV’ are more convincing than ‘as seen on Facebook’”.


Although in actual fact TV advertising can be much more cost effective than you may think, with packages starting from as little as £725 + VAT per month. TV advertising’s perceived cost also contributes to its trustworthiness. While TV is incredibly value, the fact that people believe it to be a major investment is one of its strengths.


There is a very clear relationship between the perceived cost of an advertising channel, and key brand metrics, such as brand quality, and brand trust. As perception of advertising cost increases, so do trust and quality scores of brands advertising on those channels.


To find out more about how you could advertise on TV or sponsor a TV programme, please fill in the form below and a member of the team will be in contact. Alternatively email or call: 020 3874 4600

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